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Professional Craigslist Posting

How to Make Professional Craigslist Posting?

You are here to know how to make Professional Craigslist Posting, right? But my question is how much you know about Craigslist? How many people have heard about Craigslist?

Compared to Google, I don’t think the numbers of those who know are quite high, but the record of how many page views it receives with every passing year shows that Craigslist is climbing up the ranks of popularity.


Professional Craigslist Posting


For a quick introduction


Professional Craigslist Posting


Craigslist is the brainchild of Craig Newmark who created Craigslist as a centralized network connecting online communities offering free online classified advertisement from jobs, to internships to erotic services to housing and real estate and personals, community happening, gigs, pets, and entertainments.

Being a free community network service provider, Craigslist is a lucrative and sensible place to market a wide variety of products, especially if it’s new products. Craigslist provides a successful marketing strategy through ad posting and user tracking on different advertisements.

Marketing on Craigslist can sometimes be a tedious process. Many ads seem to suffer as small businesses are trying to survive amongst the larger businesses that are often tough to compete with. There are many things that the “little guy” can do to create a quality Craigslist posting that will make their ad stand out.

Craigslist is a marketing tool that needs to be considered by online marketers. There are several tips that you need to abide by when marketing your products on Craigslist.

First of all, identify your market. If you have a service or product, determine who your target audience is and where are they located. A little bit of strategy and research will definitely take you a long way. Also, learn the rules of Professional Craigslist Posting on Craigslist as you do not want to be flagged by either Craigslist or its users.


Here are some related strategy to follow to make Professional Craigslist Posting, is given below-

1.) Create an ad that has a simple and attracting headline that draws the Craigslist browser in. Use special characters or create an impressive title that will encourage people to click on your ad. Remember, Craigslist marketing is free for advertisers, so it is much different than Pay-Per-Click.


Professional Craigslist Posting




2.) Have a graphic designer do some work for you to have an IMAGE in your ad. Your Craigslist posting will look much more professional when it stands out with graphics. This will make it look much different than the many monotonous craigslist ads that are primarily text.


Professional Craigslist Posting



3.) Advertising on Craigslist can be a cutthroat process. Remember to post every day or every other day.


4.) If you are selling a product, include outbound links. If not links include pictures in your ad.

For example, If you are a graphic artist, use samples of your work in your ad.


5.) If you want to collect people’s email addresses for your list, create an ad that draws people in. Have them write you an email and then respond to them with an autoresponder where you can prompt them to visit a website where they can join your mailing list.


6.) Make your real business email address available in case any people want to respond to your craigslist ad (instead of hiding it via Craigslist). This helps better build your brand.


Professional Craigslist Posting



7.) If you have a traditional sales page, as many internet marketers do, leave this OFF of your advertisement. Craigslist users do not like long ads, and you should instead link to this. Just make sure that your ad ATTRACTS and prompts people to contact you.


Professional Craigslist Posting



8.) Create a craigslist account if you want your postings to be easier to manage. This technique is often overlooked by many posters.


9.) Make sure that your ad is appropriate and that it falls in the right section of Craigslist. Otherwise, it may be miscategorized and therefore flagged by the people on Craigslist.


 Good luck with all of your advertising!

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