Our Craigslist Flagging Pricing

Pay-as-you-go ! No contract.



$20 Total

Daily limit: No
Total ads: 20
Duration: 30 Days
Local or Nationwide ads

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$120 Total

Daily limit: No
Total ads: 200
Duration: 30 Days
Local or Nationwide ads

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$40 Total

Daily limit: No
Total ads: 50
Duration: 30 Days
Local or Nationwide ads

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$ 165 Total

Daily limit: No
Total ads: 300
Duration: 30 Days
Local or Nationwide ads

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$70 Total

Daily limit: No
Total ads: 100
Duration: 30 Days
Local or Nationwide ads

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$245 Total

Daily limit: No
Total ads: 500
Duration: 30 Days
Local or Nationwide ads

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Frequently asked questions

What is flagging especially in Craigslist?

In Craigslist there are numbers of categories. People posts thousands of posts every day to sell and promote their business. Though most of the poster obeys Craigslist law, other does not follow. They post ads randomly in their targeted categories which make other advertisers problem, as a result, other advertisers ads are viewed less. To delete the very problem, Craigslist has a by default feature and that is known as a flag. When any user thinks that the ad does not follow Craigslist policy and rules then they can report the ads as spam and flag that ad to be reviewed by Craigslist authority. If that ad is not posted according to Craigslist direction then they delete it and other advertisers get the benefit.

Do flagging service work accordingly?

Yes, flagging service works the way we execute.

Do you use any software for flagging?

No, we do not. We flag manually because manual flagging is more effective than software.

Can you provide fast and accurate service manually?

Yes, it is our pleasure to say you that we have been serving people fast and accurate manually for a decade in flagging ads.

Is there any long-term commitment?

No, it is merely a campaign based service. Since our campaign is over then you do not need to pay us. But, if clients desire to get more services, it would be a different matter.

Do you offer any discount?

Yes, sometimes we offer a discount but not all around the year. Our discount offer remains particularly for some festivals of the year. To get discount facilities, contact us to know our festivals, their numbers, and duration. We provide the discount as first come first serve basis.

How many ads can you flag daily?

We can flag as many ads as you want. We have a dynamic team and all of the members are hardworking, promising and innovative.

Do you provide business consultancy?

Yes, we do provide. We have market analytic experts. They provide customer updated business info.

 When do you charge me?

We do charge after completing some primary formalities with our websites like signup with a phone number, email and other needed information. We basically charge you after 2 business days. And this full charge will be same for the each month.

How long will it take to start working?

When you complete the formal order process and submit the required information then we can start flagging your competitors’ ads.

Do you provide daily reports?

Yes, we do. It is our pleasure to inform all updates to you regarding our job.

What payment method you accept?

We accept the following methods of payment: MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, Bitcoin and sometime PayPal.

Can we pay offline?

No, you cannot. It is our responsibilities to ensure your payment security. So it is our humble request to you for not paying money offline or online without our recommended methods. A group of dishonest people is doing unethical activities to hamper our popularity. So beware careful of them and control your temptation of their offers. If you do, it is totally upon your responsibilities.

How long after you charge me?

We charge weekly and monthly basis chosen by you.

Do you provide 24/7 customer service?

We provide 24/7 customers’ service. We are available 7 days a week.

Can I book your service advanced?

Yes, you can but you can do advanced payment for that. It is so as we will not take any work during your scheduled time.

How can I cancel my work order?

To cancel your work order, you should confirm us via email before next billing cycle, at least 48 hours ago.