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Network Marketers – Finding Craigslist A Good Option

Craigslist ads are really becoming more popular for Home-based Business Owners. If you have ever wondered how some people have been able to grow a giant network marketing business for no money, it is not hard to understand, when you see how many people are leveraging the efficacy of free classified sites like Craigslist.

In today’s day and age, the virtual marketplace is really picking up. More people want to get access to jobs, products, and services quick without having to get out of the comfort of their homes. Craigslist is just one of these hundreds of classified sites that allow for a consumer to meet all his requirements with just a click.


Let’s take a look at why Craigslist is one of the top classified sites on the internet today.

Network Marketing Business


1) Craigslist is absolutely free. There are no one-time registration charges and no fees to put up your ads on Craigslist. Many classifieds need a registration fee and don’t guarantee any results which means your money is wasted.



Network Marketing Business2) Craigslist has an easy to use interface, so people can navigate easily. The website has no flash or any other fancy programming which means it loads in the blink of an eye.




3) Craigslist does not allow spam as a rule. If a user posts the same ad more than a few times, his account is suspended. So here you can rest assured that you are dealing with genuine people. And not those who wish to make a quick buck off you through some elaborate multilevel marketing scheme.

Network Marketing Business


4) Craigslist has a very useful “flagging” option where if a user feels that someone is selling something illegal or is flouting the rules in any other way. He can flag the ad right away. So if a few users flag the same ad, it is removed. If the same user persists, his account is suspended.


Craigslist basically is a safe website where you can find anything you need.

Free publicity is an excellent way to get your message out to a wanting public. But there are some minor pitfalls to using Craigslist. We know that it is the most popular free advertising site on the web. So you can get ghosted, flagged or rejected. It takes a little knowledge and patients. But when you figure it out, you can generate a bounty of leads and really improve your business.


Now you need to understand the terminology that you will find on this advertising giant.

First, you have to come to grips with the fact that Craigslist is not singing songs of praise for the Network Marketers. They are posting tons of ads on their site, in fact, they go out of the way to find them out and delete them.

Second, the question of ghosting. When you publish an ad and it looks like it got made public but when you go and look for it in the posted ads, it is not visible. This is Ghosting. You have to be predisposed to come to grips with the fact that if you are posting ads, you will end up with some ghosted ads. It is not a big deal, it happens to everybody. So do not worry about it and keep posting.

The third, the matter of flagging. Flagging is when an individual actually sees your posting and selects the flag link at the upper right-hand section of the page and your page is removed. This can be done by anyone, your competition, an individual who sees your ad in too many places. Craigslist has a staff that looks for ads that are not obeying the rules to a tee and they can also flag/delete your ads.

So finally we can say that, with just a little knowledge and some persistence, you can produce a lot of leads. And can make a great deal of money with consistent and effective ad campaigns on Craigslist.

Yes, it can be a pain, from time to time. But there is a great opportunity on this great site.

To know more about craigslist advertising read this article.

Thank you.

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