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2017 Top Craigslist Cities

When you are posting an ad, you can post it in different cities. Craigslist has many subdomains to different cities around the world. Some of the towns are getting so many ad posting. Based on the number of the ad if we make a craigslist top cities, New York will be in the top position. There is a high competition in this city. In each category of New York, you will find at least 500 ad post. By the data of Alexa, craigslist top cities are:

1. San Francisco Bar Area Craigslist
2. Los Angeles Craigslist
3. New York City Craigslist 
4. Seattle Craigslist
5. Chicago Craigslist
6. Orange County Craigslist
7. San Diego Craigslist
8. Washington Craigslist
9. Portland Craigslist
10. Boston Craigslist

According to the search volume of Google search, the number one city is the New York City. Some other cities whose are the top on the list are Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston and more. Most of the people try to post ads in these cities. Why? Because these cities are getting more traffic. But there are also some other facts which you should keep you mind.


Is It Good to Posting in Top Craigslist Cities?

Now you know the what are the craigslist top cities. But it is not always good to post in the top cities. Craigslist suggest posting in only one city which is highly related to your ad category. Though there are no specific rules for the multiple cities. However, people are posting their ads on various cities with different IP addresses. Some software companies also make some system to post in various cities without any hassle.

Some More Popular craigslist Cities in USA


In the major cities, which are top of the list of craigslist top cities, has more rules and regulations by craigslist. As, when you post an ad on the New York City, the possibility of becoming the ad live is very low. There are so many competitors in the city. That is why you should post on the small cities to make your ad viral. It is true that Craigslist has given some freedoms in the small cities. If you post an ad in the small cities, the chance of becoming the ad live is high. But don’t post in those cities where the number of visitors is very small. You can try some cities like Boston. You can also do an experiment on different cities to find which is the best. If you don’t want to do the experiment yourself, you can contact us.

The rule of craigslist is, you can post only one ad within 48 hours. But you can avoid this issue by using different IP addresses each time. If you are afraid of to post in multiple cities, you can take a professional service.

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